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The Parrot’s Workshop Group

I’ve just recently been added to a new facebook group that I am ever so excited about.  The Parrot’s Workshop group is a place where people can share their ideas and sources for making toys, perches, playstands, play areas, and … Continue reading

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A Great Resource for Promoting Parrot Activity

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am enjoying the warm weather and what seems to be an early start to summer.  I am anxious to have the aviary built so I can get the birds out … Continue reading

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Egg Carton Toy

I call this the Egg Carton Toy.  This is a terrific foraging toy that also has great shredding appeal.  It is fun, easy and economical to make yourself from items you have at home or can find at the dollar store. … Continue reading

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Cageollers or Outdoor Bird Strollers

We still have a little bit of snow on the ground here, but tomorrow the temperature is forecast to be in the high 50’s and it might even hit 60 degrees F.  With the promise of Spring and Summer right around … Continue reading

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A Recipe for “CHOP”

I’ve been feeding my parrots “Chop” for about 2 weeks now and I’m here to say my birds are all liking their “Chop”.  I like the convenience of simply taking a package of “Chop” out of the freezer, thawing and … Continue reading

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I May Be a Chop Convert !

I have always believed in feeding a mix of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and sprouted grains to my parrots along with Harrison’s pellets.  Seeds are a treat food for my flock and not a staple in their diet.  When I … Continue reading

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