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Ever since the first parrot entered the house in 2006, my focus has been on parrot enrichment.  I believe I have a talent for coming up with ideas for enrichment and using photos and video clips to enlighten, motivate and inspire all of us who are looking for ways to enrich the captive parrot environment.  I am happy to share those ideas with all of you at www.ParrotEnrichment.com and at this blog.

5 Responses to About Me

  1. Joe Berry says:

    we look forward to seeing your aviary as we would like to build an outdoor one also.

  2. Welcome to “Blogville!” Good to see it Kris and looking forward to more brilliance and insight! Can’t wait to see what you cook up.

    • Anneka says:

      Hello Kris,
      have you ever thought about writing about your life when you were living in Alaska? I’d like to visit that remote state one day.

      • Kris Porter says:

        Hi Anneka,

        I haven’t had that strong desire to write about life in Alaska like I have had to write about parrot enrichment. But it was a very interesting 30 years, especially because I had the chance to work in some very remote places. I hope you get a chance to visit Alaska soon – it is a beautiful state.

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