Teach Your Bird To Fly To You On Cue

up-recall-course-flyI am excited to tell you that Understanding Parrots has launched the first online course, Teach your bird to fly to you on cue!  This course will explain everything you need to know to teach your parrot to fly to you when you ask him/her to, and more.

Recall and other behaviors such as flying to a perch on cue are some of the most useful behaviors we can teach companion parrots. There are obvious advantages that come with all positive reinforcement training, such as learning to communicate better, having fun with your bird and providing mental stimulation, but training a solid recall has many more benefits. It is a great way to provide the skilled flyer with physical exercise and give them a way to expend excess energy under controlled circumstances. It makes day to day living with flighted parrots in the home easier since we have a way of asking them to come to us even if we can’t reach them and allows us to generally be able to better and more safely manage them.  Additionally, if an accident were to happen and your parrot gets loose outside, the chances of you being able to get your bird back are much higher if the bird has a really solid and generalized recall.

However, please note that, even though the promo video and some of the material in the course contains video of birds flying freely outside, this course does not cover teaching your parrot outdoor free flight, as that should never be attempted without direct supervision of an experienced professional.  This course covers indoor flight training only.

I have flighted parrots in my home and I signed up to take this course right away.  I highly recommend this course and I will tell you why.  This course addresses the basics of and more advanced topics of flighted recall training and is designed to provide you with all the information you need to be successful.  Whether you are new to training or have already started training but just can’t see how to get to that really solid recall, you will find this course well worth your time to take it.

I will admit that I am a reluctant trainer.  It isn’t something I learn or absorb as easily as I do with parrot enrichment in the regards of ideas for foraging toys or other activities; which is contradictory because positive reinforcement training is and should be a major component of parrot enrichment.  But I’m here to tell you that may change with Understanding Parrots online courses.  These courses (and I say these in the plural because I am looking forward to the opportunity to take many more) are especially helpful for parrot owners like me for whom training doesn’t come naturally.

Stephanie has figured out how to teach in a positive way that motivates me to want to learn more about how to incorporate training into my day to day life with my parrots.  She uses a combination of video, PDF’s, pictures and text in a format that makes learning fun and exciting so you are never bored. And she breaks it down to small bite sized sections that makes learning easy in a way that gives me more control to set the pace to fit my individual needs.  By breaking the course into small sections it doesn’t seem as daunting or like a huge task that overwhelms me so I feel like I can’t tackle it in its entirety.  I can take baby steps to accomplish my goals at my pace.

Packed with video examples and exclusive material, Stephanie's online courses are a fun, interactive way of learning about training your birds, how to deal with parrot behavior problems and more.

Packed with video examples and exclusive material, Stephanie’s online courses are a fun, interactive way of learning about training your birds, how to deal with parrot behavior problems and more.

With Understanding Parrots online learning platform there is no requirement to travel.  No long webinars or DVD’s that require you to sit down and commit to an hour or more at a time.  Stephanie has designed her courses to give you quality information in a fun and interactive way that you can use to learn from wherever you are, whenever it suits you.  For example, I was interrupted often while taking the course but it is designed in a way that you can stop, log out, then log right back in and easily find your place to pick up where you left off.  And, if during my training process I find I am stumbling or unsure of something, it is easy to go back and review individual sections of the course so I can refresh my learning and make better progress in reaching my goals.

I highly recommend this course; Teach your bird to fly to you on cue!  If you are a parrot owner who aspires to teach a solid and generalized recall, this course will not disappoint you.

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