Birdie Buddy To The Rescue

Some of you already know that we suspended sales of the Fantastic Foraging Blocks because Jerry isn’t able to make the table saw cuts and I’m too afraid of the table saw to try.

Jerry had coronary artery bypass surgery on Wednesday, March 5th.  He had a total of 6 arteries bypassed.  Six sounds like a lot, and it is unusual, but a greater number of bypasses does not imply a person is more sick.  A person with a large amount of coronary artery disease may receive fewer bypass grafts because their arteries may be unsuitable for bypass grafting if they are too small or heavily calcified.  In Jerry’s case his arteries were suitable target vessels and the surgeons were able to successfully graft all 6 arteries.

So good news is the surgery was a success and Jerry is in rehab and surprising everyone with how well he is responding to therapy.  It will be quite some time before he is able to work in the garage around power tools again.  My dear friend and colleague, Nyla Copp of, is stepping up and will be making the Fantastic and Puzzler Foraging Blocks for us.  I say us, because I will be depending on her to make them for my birds as well.

Birdie Buddy LogoYou can rest assured that Nyla is a toy maker who puts the parrots and customers first.  Her work will be of the same quality as the work Jerry and I did.  Nyla uses only the best materials and always with the safety of your parrots a priority.  If you will be needing foraging blocks you can contact Nyla directly.  Her e-mail is .

Also we will be looking forward to some new designs exclusively for My Birdie Buddy by Parrot Enrichment.  Nyla and I have been going over ideas and we will let you see them after we beta test them on a few of our birds and receive the parrot seal of approval.

So there is much to be thankful for with Jerry’s remarkable recovery.  And much to look forward to with new foraging block designs coming soon from My Birdie Buddy that will have all of the features we love about the Fantastic Foraging Blocks; but with a new twist to keep our parrots interested and engaged with foraging and chipping away at wood toys designed specifically for the intelligent creatures they are.


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