Oliver’s Garden Handcrafted Bird Toys and Perches

I saw a blog post at Coco’s Flock with a review of Oliver’s Garden bird toys and perches.  I have been coveting the platform perches made by Susan Tuck, owner at Oliver’s Garden Bird Toys, ever since.

Coco's Flock, Lola, on her Oliver's Garden platform perch.

I finally ordered my own to try.  I ordered a medium and large platform and couldn’t be more pleased.  The platform perches are made from thick and sturdy natural wood.  The hardware that attaches the perch to the cage is quality stainless steel.  Susan Tuck came up with a signature idea to put beads inside her platform perches.  These platforms come with five fun beads built in which makes it a perch and a toy all in one.

Oliver's Garden Large Platform

Byrd was the first parrot in my house brave enough to step on the new platform perch.  I ordered the medium size for her and she was stepping up onto the perch while I was trying to fasten it in her cage.  She immediately started spinning the beads and then went to chewing the wood.  The way this perch is made, it will take her many months or maybe years to chew through it.

Byrd on the Medium Platform from Oliver's Garden

I originally thought of the large platform for Zorba, who right now thinks it will eat his toes.  While waiting for him to get used to the new perch, I had the idea to put the large one in Byrd’s cage.  I think I prefer the large platform for Byrd because it is big enough to put a book on it while leaving plenty of room for her to stand comfortably and chew on her book.

Byrd on an Oliver's Garden Large Platform with room for her book.

Oliver’s Garden is located in Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada and shipping to the United States for me was very reasonable.  They are a cottage industry with an original line of bird toys and rope products.  When you browse through their store, http://www.oliversgarden.com/ , you will find a unique collection of handcrafted toys made from quality materials and checked for safety, fun and durability.

Oliver's Garden customer Phoebe with a Chunky Monkey toy.

Oliver’s Garden rope products feature a collection of expertly crafted crawlers, swings, boings and more.  In fact, I see a Rescue Rope purchase in my future.

The Rescue Rope by Oliver’s Garden offers climbing activity and encourages flapping, swinging and above all FUN!


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