Stainless Steel Skewers

Stainless steel skewers are safe durable toy bases.  Skewers are refillable so you can make some pretty impressive foraging toys for your parrots in no time at all.  You can string on a wide variety of toy parts as well as fruits and vegetables.  And they are dishwasher safe so you can wash and refill as often as needed.

Using stainless steel skewers as toy bases not only saves you time when making bird toys but can save you money as well.  You can use leftover parts from used toys, household items like small cardboard boxes and egg cartons and thread them on the skewer together with vegetable and fruit pieces.

For these toys I used SS Skewers and threaded on leftover parts from other toys, some vine balls, small cardboard boxes, cardboard coffee sleeves, egg cartons and wood. In between the non-food items I sandwiched butternut squash ends and pieces of red bell pepper. I stuffed chunks of apple and orange slices inside the vine balls.

When I need to make some quick foraging toys, stainless steel skewers are a life saver.  It is so easy to thread a few vegetables or pieces of fruit onto the skewers along with some shreddable material and there you have it, practically instant foraging toys.

Over the years I have tried different kinds of stainless steel skewers.  Pictured to the right in the photo above is one called the Stainless Kabob and I haven’t been pleased with it. I bought it because it had a pointed end and I thought it would be easier to thread on hard vegetables like carrots and squash.  But the push button release on the bottom metal cap breaks and then you can’t use it.  Also my parrots seem to be able to take off the end cap and I have this stainless steel spear hanging in the cage with no bottom cover.

I like the skewer pictured in the center. Expandable Habitats makes it in different sizes. It is long lasting and the acrylic ball screws on securely. You can see in the photo mine is well used and I’ve had it for years. The one thing I do not like about this skewer is the end is blunt and it is hard to thread on harder vegetables like carrots or butternut squash without them breaking.

The skewer pictured to the far left is Scooter Z’s Stainless Steel Skewer and it comes in small, medium and large sizes.  Even with the large size you can easily thread on harder vegetables because the SS rod is thin enough to pierce harder vegetables without them breaking in half on you.  This is a thinner diameter skewer and there is no wide ball or cap on the end so I like to add an acrylic washer or piece of wood to the end of this skewer to give support for the items I am threading on the skewer.

Both the Expandable Habitats skewer and Scooter Z’s skewer are available at

Other vendors selling a variety of stainless steel skewers are; California Bird NerdsMake Your Own Bird Toys and Busy Beaks.  You can Google “stainless steel skewers for parrots” to find even more sources.

Make Your Own Bird Toys sells a curved SS skewer called a Twister Kabob.  I find if I thread wood slices on a curved skewer my parrots are more interested in chewing the wood than on a straight skewer.

I would consider stainless steel skewers an essential item when it comes to making your own parrot toys.  Skewers make it quick and easy for you to make foraging toys for your parrots as they are perfect for hanging fruits, vegetables and toy parts in the cage.



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7 Responses to Stainless Steel Skewers

  1. Nicca says:

    Thanks for the wonderful idea and information!

  2. I think the SS skewer in the middle is one of ours. We offer them in 3 different lengths. You have done really well in using all three of these. They really make life easier for food and toys.!! If you need any replacement balls, just let me know.

    Thanks for all you do for the fids.!!


    • Kris Porter says:

      Thanks for the compliment and the offer of replacement balls Michelle. But the acrylic balls are pretty tough, just look cracked but only on the inside. I’ve had them for years. I think the ones you have at Mother Pluckin’ Bird Toys are a curved and mine are straight. I have found that if I string wood on a curved stainless boing that I have my Meyers is more interested in chewing than if it is on a straight one. So I would think your design is a little better.

      • Actually we make both. the SS Skewers are straight. The SS Corkscrews are curved. And yes I agree when using the corkscrews, the birds are more interested in chewing the wood rather than straight. My guys are the same way.

  3. Love the idea of filling up the overalls with foraging stuff!! Great!!

  4. Maya says:

    Love the photos, especially the first one showcasing your filled skewers! I really love stainless steel skewers as well. All of mine come from Mother Pluckin’ Bird Toys and look like the middle skewer, but mine has pointed ends and are perfect for stabbing through produce (though the corkscrew ones are blunted, probably because they are mainly marketed for their wood parts). I’m thinking, since yours is blunted at the end, they may have come from Expandable Habitats.

    Our Meyer’s is an extremely picky eater so I’ve never tried butternut squash with him. Heck, I’ve never had it since that isn’t a common ingredient in Japanese food. Can you feed that raw or do you need to cook it first?

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