Fear Not the Wet Batch of CHOP

CHOP Production Supervisors

After my first blog post on making CHOP, I had several e-mails from parrot owners wanting to know if I had a recipe they could go by.  I didn’t.  I had watched Patricia Sund’s video on how to make CHOP and just dove in.  However I am accustomed to cooking without measuring exactly what goes into the pot; a pinch of this; a handful of that sort of cooking.

But I realize there are people who aren’t comfortable making something without a recipe and, to tell you the truth, it took me awhile to jump into making my first batch of CHOP.  I got stuck on wondering how much of the dry ingredients would you put in proportion to how much vegetables, grains, etc.  So I made a second batch and wrote down measures of what I put in the batch and all the steps I took to make that batch of CHOP and put that recipe on my website.  My plan was to write down every batch I made for awhile to give people a variety of methods for making CHOP.

Well I got busy.  And I have made several batches of CHOP since putting up that first recipe without taking the time to write it all down for a second or third recipe.  Feeling a bit guilty about that, I made time to write down everything that went into the batch I made last week and I put this second recipe on my website, “Another Batch of CHOP”.   To tell you the truth, this last batch was a little on the wet side after I froze it and thawed it to serve.  The batches of CHOP I made before without worrying about exactly how much of everything I was putting in the tub turned out better in my opinion.

Another Batch of CHOP - Before Freezing


Another Batch of CHOP - After Freezing

But I learned something with this last batch.  Even though it is a little wetter or mushier than I would like for it to be; it still works.  This morning I added some fresh sprouts, chopped steamed beets and fresh blueberries to the bowl of thawed CHOP and the parrots love it.

Another Batch of CHOP - Serving it Up - It's All Good!

So here you have it.  My second and last recipe for CHOP can be found at my website, http://blog.parrotenrichment.com/nutrition/recipes.html .  I’m understanding why Patricia Sund who also gets a lot of requests for a “Recipe” for Chop doesn’t have one.  She explains why in her blog post,  “Recipe-Schmecipe” http://parrotnation.com/2012/03/10/recipe-schmecipe/ .

There is a new facebook group I would like to promote here, The Parrot’s Pantry, https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/156496311144601/ .  This is a fantastic group where people post photos of what they are making for their birds and share their experience with making CHOP as well as bird bread and other meals.  If you have questions, this group will help you find answers.  The Parrot’s Pantry will help give you ideas and keep you motivated to make more nutritious meals for your own birds.

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