The Parrot’s Workshop Group

I’ve just recently been added to a new facebook group that I am ever so excited about.  The Parrot’s Workshop group is a place where people can share their ideas and sources for making toys, perches, playstands, play areas, and any other items that will enrich the lives of parrots living in our homes.

I kid you not, if you are on facebook and you live with a parrot, you need to be in this group.  Members of The Parrot’s Workshop are posting the most amazing ideas and DIY instructions on how to make a variety of parrot enrichment items.  One of the first posts I saw was of the Armchair Perch that Diane and Bill Groth made for Zaz.


Zaz's Armchair Perch

I got so excited about this idea that I asked Diane if I could put it on my website.  She agreed and sent the parts list.  Here is a link to the parts list for making this perch, .

This is just one example of the many great ideas you will find at The Parrot’s Workshop,!/groups/206228222832350/ .  They have a sister group, The Parrot’s Pantry,, that is another fun group all about feeding our parrots and sharing healthy food options for them.

If you are already members of these two facebook groups – great.  If not, you might want to check them out.  I don’t know about the rest of you but when it comes to providing  enrichment for my birds and feeding my parrots well, I can use a daily dose of motivation and inspiration.  I’m getting it with The Parrot’s Workshop and The Parrot’s Pantry.


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  1. I recently just joined this group as well, and I completely agree, its wonderful! I’ve been on a spiral cut straw craze ever since I learned how to make those through that group. My birds are loving all the new toy ideas!

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