A Great Resource for Promoting Parrot Activity

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am enjoying the warm weather and what seems to be an early start to summer.  I am anxious to have the aviary built so I can get the birds out to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and feel the breeze in their feathers.

I have big plans for the new aviary and I’m dreaming up all the possibilities of play stations and areas I can put in a 16’ x 16’ x 16’ space and I intend to enlist the services of Nyla Copp, http://www.MyBirdieBuddy.com/, to help me create some unique play stations for my special needs parrots and some terrific hanging perches for the fully flighted birds.

Nyla Copp has spent over 25 years in the trades working genres as varied as construction & handiwork, theatrical productions, cabinetry, custom furniture and building mechanics.  She turned her attention and skills to companion birds when a critically ill lovebird found its way into her stewardship.  Under excellent avian veterinary care, Orlando as she became known, survived.  For a strong recovery and continued good health, the veterinary directive was outdoor time.  Nyla immediately set to work.  Materials, resources and design proved more challenging than expected.  With guidance from companion bird vets, behaviorists and experienced avian caretakers, the backyard aviary was completed and a new career had begun.  Since 2008, she has  specialized in enriched habitats for healthy, recovering and special needs birds.  Safe, high quality outdoor environments are her passion and specialty!  Avian medicine is finding time outdoors, not only beneficial, but necessary for the health of our companion birds.  If you are thinking about building an aviary for your own birds but don’t have the tools, skills or know how to build one, you might consider giving Nyla Copp a call.  Nyla can literally turn almost any area into a custom aviary which will provide your birds with endless hours of play time and enrichment.

Nyla provides a variety of services for you and your parrots.  She can help you design areas in your home that will provide your parrot with more choices of location as we are all learning that change of venue is key to successful parrot keeping.  She can help you with plans so you can build it yourself or she can travel and build it for you.

Flighted parrots need places to land, forage and play. Birdie Buddy wall and hanging perches are convenient solutions.

Nyla builds and sells handcrafted playstands constructed of bird safe woods and quality hardware with all accessible metal fasteners and chains composed of bird-safe stainless steel.  She designs and builds for healthy, recovering and special needs birds of many sizes and species.  You can visit her website, http://www.MyBirdieBuddy.com/ or her facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/#!/MyBirdieBuddy, to see photos of her unique designs.  She also shares some great enrichment tips at her Birdie Buddy facebook page.

AviStations are designed with the parrot in mind as well as the parrot owner.  They are versatile and you can easily detach the perches for cleaning.

Multi Piece Perches are attached with a specially designed mount that detaches easily for cleaning.

Close up view of the Multi Perch Mount.

I recently visited my good friend Pamela Clark and watched her Congo African Grey, Navidad, enjoying an AviHang that Nyla  created especially for him.  Pam wanted a hanging playstand that would swing around when Navi flapped his wings.  Nyla designed one for Pam to beta test.  Navi was having so much fun I had to grab a quick video.  The AviHang that Navi is playing on was the “Beta One” test model and Nyla has since worked out the bugs and some of the safety concerns she had with the “Beta One” to create a newer model of the AviHang that she now has available for sale.  After you watch this video you will understand why I got so excited about Nyla Copp’s uniquely handcrafted  playstands and perches.

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2 Responses to A Great Resource for Promoting Parrot Activity

  1. Laura Ford says:

    Kris, I love Nyla’s designs too! I was so happy that I was recently able to meet her in person. That avihang looks like a tree swaying in the wind. What a wonderful perch!

    • Kris Porter says:

      I wish you could have seen Navi on that in realtime Laura. He was swinging and bouncing and having a grand old time. Such a fantastic way to provide exercise and enrichment! And you are right, the closest approximation to what a parrot might experience if he were in the tree tops with the wind blowing, I’m thinking.

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