Egg Carton Toy

I call this the Egg Carton Toy.  This is a terrific foraging toy that also has great shredding appeal.  It is fun, easy and economical to make yourself from items you have at home or can find at the dollar store.

I put the instructions for making this toy up at the website.  Here is the link to download the instruction pamphlet as well as watch a video of the toy in action  If you’ve colored lots of eggs for Easter, I hope you saved the cartons.

Laura Lewis was my inspiration for this Egg Carton Toy.  I attended a toy making party hosted by the Minnesota Companion Bird Club.   While there I met a most incredible parrot toy maker, Laura Lewis.   Her toy was made out of two cardboard drink carriers.

Great toy right?  I’m guessing this photo has inspired you as well.

I was so excited by this creation of Laura’s that she gave it to me to take home!  Before I gave it to one of my parrots, I took photos of the details of this terrific toy as I knew this would be a future blog post and toy idea.

Laura cut pieces of plastic straws to thread on the rope she hung the toy with.  She used large cardboard puzzle pieces that she got at the dollar store between the straws as separators.  She also tied puzzle pieces to each end of the cup inserts on the holder.

For added interest, Laura put a large vine ball filled with wooden sticks and treats in between the two cup holders.  For even more fun she added plastic dangling beads and rings on the corners.

Laura Lewis is the owner of Crazy Bird Lady Creations where she custom makes hand crafted quality bird toys.   I’ve included the link to her website where you can see more of Laura’s inovative creations.


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  1. Carmalee Scarpitti says:

    Great ideas! We always bring home the drink carriers for our Eclectus to shred but I hadn’t thought of putting 2 together as a foraging toy.

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