Cageollers or Outdoor Bird Strollers

We still have a little bit of snow on the ground here, but tomorrow the temperature is forecast to be in the high 50’s and it might even hit 60 degrees F.  With the promise of Spring and Summer right around the corner I thought I would share a novel idea for getting your parrots outdoors to enjoy sunshine and fresh air.  The Cageoller is a combination of a cage and a stroller and is the brain child of Phoenix Landing volunteer Bobbie Kerns.  If you live where you can’t have your parrots in an outdoor aviary this outdoor parrot stroller is a creative alternative.

Another Phoenix Landing volunteer, Laura Ford, wrote a pamphlet, How_To_Build_A_Cageoller .  If you click on the link and open the PDF you can scroll down the page to see more photos of Cageollers with brief instructions on how to build them.  The pamphlet is also downloadable.

(Important side note here, make sure all doors, even food bowl doors are very securely latched when using these cages outdoors, use quick links, clamps or zip ties for extra safety.)

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