A Recipe for “CHOP”

I’ve been feeding my parrots “Chop” for about 2 weeks now and I’m here to say my birds are all liking their “Chop”.  I like the convenience of simply taking a package of “Chop” out of the freezer, thawing and serving.  In the morning I usually add beans and a tiny bit of fresh chopped apple, or a grape, blue berry or other fruit and we are good to go.

I had a few people tell me they wanted to try “Chop” but needed a recipe with more exact measurements to make their first batch.  So I whipped up a second batch of “Chop” and this time I wrote down everything I put into my “Chop”.  I am sharing that recipe on my website for you all to use as a guide to help you get started if you want to try a batch of “Chop” yourselves.  The link to the recipe page is: http://blog.parrotenrichment.com/nutrition/recipes.html

I also shared a couple other recipes, Curry Cornbread and Veggie Salmon Patties.  These are some of my flocks favorites and a good way to use up any chopped vegetables you may have leftover after you make your own batch of “Chop”.

Byrd enjoying a bite of "Veggie Salmon Patty".

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